2015 Information
Hi everyone, 
2014 has been a bit of a crazy year to say the least. More than anything we wanted to push the boundaries once more and although the astro field took a little longer to achieve than expected (due to the huge costs involved in its construction and materials) we're delighted with the result. However, we're not stopping there for the off season.....This winter will see more pit area construction adjacent to the astro field (to keep players and spectators separate), some permanent shelters being added, another chronograph area and obviously a new ref pod.  
Don't worry, not all our efforts are being placed there.....the other grass fields have already been top soiled and seeded and our aim is for an even better surface than this year. Now that we don't have to rotate our training during wet weekends on these grass fields, it means that from round to round, fields 1 (the old Elite field) to field 4 (Div 3 field) will only be used on event weekends in 2015, meaning that the astro and field 5 will be used for training. We won't be happy until they're perfect. 
We've also got 2 new sets of netting from Kpro ready to go on for the 2015 season. It's important for us to keep investing and keep things looking fresh year on year. More than anything, safety is our primary concern so that's why we choose the best netting money can buy. We also have other things up our sleeve, but we'll leave that for you to discover. 
In addition to all this, we'll be focusing more and more on the "smaller" details to keep the events moving forward and already have a plethora of ideas to implement at the site.  
UK Paintball League (UKPL) will also be a focus this year and we'll be building on the foundation we made this season to further stabilise and grow the sport in the UK. We'll be working with the UKPSF and we look forward to what we can achieve together. 
Our dates have already been released, however there is one change to the June date and are now as follows:
Round 1: 21/22nd March
Round 2: 25/26th April
Round 3: 6/7th June
Round 4: 1/2nd August
Round 5: 5th/6th September.  
Round 3 will be the Campaign Cup Millennium layout. We've bought our date forward in conjunction with Millennium to allow a bit of breathing space for those teams also looking to play CC next year. 
The structure of the divisions will remain pretty much the same for next season, with only a couple of small "tweaks" to the system. Sunday will see the following division competing: 
Elite Division - Race to 4
Division 1 - Race to 4
Division 2- Race to 2
Division 3 - Race to 2
Division 4 - 5-man 
The main difference is that there will be promotion and relegation system for 2015 in Divisions 2 and 3 in a similar fashion to Elite and D1 this season. The reason being that a lot of teams at the bottom of D2 found it tough going this year, and we feel that they would have had a more enjoyable season if they perhaps had the chance to win in that lower div and be promoted again. 
For the overall season there will then be a race to 4 champion, race 2 champion, 5man champion and Breakout Champion. There will be prizes and trophies at each event as per usual.  
All of these divisions will be LOCKED as they were in 2014. Sending your deposit for the season is confirming your entry for the whole 5 events. If you drop out of an event, you will lose your place in that division. 
Priority will be given to the teams that have played this season and to confirm your entry for the 2015 season, we will be taking £100 deposits from each team, which will be held and then discounted from your final round this year in September. 
We will start taking deposits from 1st December, and only when a deposit is received will your entry be confirmed for the season. If you pull out of an event after paying your deposit, you will lose your £100. Team numbers for the Sunday divisions are as follows: 
Elite Division: 12 teams Locked
Division 1: 12 teams Locked
Division 2: 18 teams Locked
Division 3: 18 teams Locked 
Division 4: 18 teams Locked
Division 5 (standard 5 man as per this season) will remain on the Saturday, along with our Breakout division. 
Breakout division will be run slightly differently in 2015 to remain accessible for the newer teams.
It will run as 2 sub divisions: "Break-In" and "Breakout". Break-in will be aimed at the teams new to the sport and to the league and in a similar fashion to our race divisions, the top team will be promoted at each round and the bottom team from Breakout relegated into break-in. Both divisions will run side by side on one field across the whole day but you'll only be playing against teams in your division. 
We really want to allow new teams access and by keeping the better teams in a higher bracket, it allows new teams to enter the series and play against teams of a similar level. 
Team numbers for the Saturday are as follows: 
Division 5: 18 teams 
Breakout Division: 9 teams / Break-In Division: 9 teams  
Training on the Saturday of our events is also changing for 2015. We will be running one "Private field" where we will be doing a slot system similar to this year for those teams who want some more dedicated field time. Up to 3 other fields will be for open training from 11am-4pm and will cost just £10 per head once again. 
That's right, you read it correctly, we're reducing the cost of training on the event weekends. 
To confirm your entry and receive deposit details for the Sunday leagues, please email us: admin@okpb.co.uk 
Prices will also remain the same for next season: 
Elite/D1: £275
D2/3: £250 
D4/5: £225 
Breakout/in division: £200 
We will be taking a limited number of prepayments for the entire season and this number will be capped at 10 teams. The FIRST five teams to take up this offer will each receive 5 player cards for the Millennium series valued at £40 per card as well as a small season discount, equating to a potential saving of up to £300. 
This is the perfect offer for teams looking to play a Millennium leg(s) which we are personally funding and will support them in their journey. 
N.B. Teams that took the prepayment offer this season will have first refusal on these spots for 2015.These reduced entry fees for 2015 will remain the same as this season: 
Elite/D1: £1275 (saving of £100)
D2/3: £1175 (saving of £75)
D4/5: £1075 (saving of £50) 
Breakout Division: £950 (saving of £50)
N.B. Payments must be received by 1st February 2015 
Paint: For 2015 we are moving to STRICTLY vendor only paint. 
*Students will be able to train at £12.50 per head on presentation of a current and valid student card. 
*Members of the armed forces will also be able to train at £12.50 per head on presentation of a current and valid Military ID. 
Our partner hotel for 2015 will once again be the Mecure Hotel in Penkridge. £57 a night for a triple room using a booking code that will be provided on request. The hotel is a mile away from site and has excellent facilities including a gym and swimming pool. Please book well in advance to avoid disappointment
In summary, if you want to sign up for the Sunday locked divisions, please contact us at admin@okpb.co.uk to register and we will provide you with details on how to pay your deposit by bank transfer. If you're looking to enter our Saturday divisions, Breakout/in or Division 5, then please email us and we will add you to the team list, first come, first served. Please be advised that there was a high demand for these Saturday divisions this year, so it would be advisable to book in asap.

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