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Hi everyone,

we hope that everyone enjoyed the 2015 season as much as we did. Our focus now lies on the year ahead and we have been working away behind the scenes to make sure it's the best yet. We have new Kpro netting on order for the bottom field (which is getting an additional makeover ready for the Spring) and our astro is getting a thorough cleaning this weekend. 

We have a brand new CPPS field coming, along with all the other new bunker kits for the season. We've heard a few rumours regarding the new fields and can't wait to get them......we think this is going to be one of the most exciting changes in the past few years and great for the players. It's been a huge cost but we feel that paintball is moving in the right direction under the WPBO and we're excited to be part of it. 

As always, we want to keep focused on the smaller details of running our events, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently to give you, the players, the best possible experience.  We're stepping up our reffing program for 2016 and will be running 2 reffing clinics over the season, the first being on the 5th March. We want any "retired" players to consider coming along and being part of our reffing team at CPPS. It's an incredibly rewarding experience and we have a great team ethos. Perhaps you only play on Saturdays at our events and want to make a weekend of it. It's open to all and you'd be most welcomed, so drop us a message for more info. 

As you've probably seen, we've added 2 paint sponsors this season to our existing GI, Empire and Valken line up of 2015. We're incredibly pleased and humbled to welcome Dye and HK Army paint to the line up. With this greater choice, 2016 will be strictly vendor paint only on site for our events. These companies are going through a huge amount of effort to support the series by bringing paint trucks and amazing trade stands, and we need to support them. 

In the interest of safety for ALL players, we will be doing a thorough bottle check at our first 2 events. If your bottle is out of date, we will allow you to use it for the rest of the day, but it must be handed in and booked in for a re-test by the end of the day. We will be working with Trevor at HPAC on this and will release more info prior to the first event. This is simply to ensure that our players our safe. We have more and more young players attending the CPPS and we want to make a stance on this now before anything could happen to jeopardise anyone's safety.   

Our dates have already been released and are as follows: 

Round 1: 2nd/3rd April - Dye Championship

Round 2: 7/8th May - Valken Cup 

Round 3: 11/12th June - HK Army Shield

Round 4: 23/24th July - Eclipse Open 

Round 5: 3/4th September - GI Cup 

Round 3 will obviously be the event prior to the London Millennium so as we did last year, we're allowing a few weeks in between to give teams a financial break and consider playing one of the most exciting events on the UK calendar; Campaign Cup. 

The structure of the divisions for this year has been tweaked slightly to allow for a better flow for aspiring teams. We're at the stage now where we need to enforce a strict promotion and relegation between divisions for 2017, and so we've decided to change division 2 to race to 3. This will be a standalone division from event to event (so no up/down promotion/relegation) and limited to 16 teams. Our thoughts are that then any moving up or down each season, will have a stepping stone and not moving straight up to playing race to 4 (which has larger financial implications paint wise) and the same in reverse in that teams don't have to return to playing race 2 once more.

This division will see 4 groups of 4 teams, playing 3 prelim games each in their group, then a placing match for the runners up and a semi final/final for the top 4 seeds. 

In addition to this, division 4 on Sunday will now become race to 2. There were a number of teams wanting to move up to division 3 simply to be able to play race to 2 and not enough space, so we hope that this will solve this problem. There will be a promotion/relegation from round to round between divisions 3  and 4 in identical fashion to the way Division 2 and 3 were in 2015. 

Elite Division - Race to 4 (12 teams) 

Division 1 - Race to 4 (12 teams) 

Division 2- Race to 3 (16 teams) 

Division 3 - Race to 2 (18 teams) 

Division 4 - Race to 2 (18 teams) 

For the overall season there will then be a race to 4 champion, race 3 champion, race 2 champion, 5man champion and Breakout Champion. There will be prizes and trophies at each event as per usual.  

Divisions Elite to D4 will be LOCKED as they were in 2015. Priority for these divisions will as always be given to the teams that have played this year in full. We will be doing a deposit system as we did this year and the prices/deposits are as follows: 

Elite/D1/D2: £300 (£200 deposit) 

D3/4: £275 (£175 deposit) 

We will be taking our deposits from today (please contact us for banking info) for these locked divisions, but ONLY for existing teams until the 15th January. After this, we can open up the slots to teams that want in to Sunday from the Saturday legs or for new teams. We've priced the deposit a little higher this year to discourage drop outs. We don't like bringing in new teams part way through the season and potentially upsetting the season standings for teams in these divisions, so we hope that this will give you a welcomed cheap entry fee for the last round of £100 (as this will be your balance payment), and at the same time, encouraging teams to stick together for the season.

Please remember that we first have to place teams who have played the full previous season in their divisions and priority will be given to them. 

Only when your deposit is received and noted will your entry be confirmed for the season. If you fail to attend a round, your deposit will be lost and your spot opened up to another team. 

Division 5 will remain on the Saturday as 5man, along with our Breakout and Breakin division. No deposit is required for these divisions and they are not locked. 

Prices will be: 

D5: £250 

Breakout/in division: £225 

Again there will be promotion and relegation between Breakout and Break in teams from round to round. 

Training on the Saturday of our events will remain the same. We will have one private field available for 2 hour slots for up to 4 teams at £100 per team. We will have all Elite teams on the astro and then up to 2 further fields for open training based on numbers for just £10 per head from 11am-4pm. 

We will be taking a limited number of prepayments for the entire season and this number will be capped at 10 teams. 

Elite/D1/D2: £1400 (saving of £100)

D3/4: £1300 (saving of £75)

D5: £1200 (saving of £50) 

Breakout Division: £1075 (saving of £50)

N.B. Payments must be received by 1st February 2016 

We will shortly be releasing incentives for those teams also looking to play the Millennium series and info on the WPBO as soon as we have it! 

Our partner hotel for 2016 will once again be the Mecure Hotel in Penkridge. £57 a night for a triple room using a booking code that will be provided on request. The hotel is a mile away from site and has excellent facilities including a gym and swimming pool. Please book well in advance to avoid disappointment


In summary, if you want to sign up for the Sunday locked divisions, please contact us at admin@okpb.co.uk to register and we will provide you with details on how to pay your deposit by bank transfer. If you're looking to enter our Saturday divisions, Breakout/in or Division 5, then please email us and we will add you to the team list, first come, first served. Please be advised that there was a high demand for these Saturday divisions this year, so it would be advisable to book in asap.



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