Press Release for 2014

Hi all, 

I can't believe 2013 has gone so quickly and it's nearly Christmas already. I'd just like to thank everyone that made the event this year so special.....staff, referees and our traders and of course the teams and players. I've said it before and I will again; we are just the tip of the iceberg and it's fantastic to see so many people come together and enjoying playing paintball at our events. 

We really want to keep pushing the boundaries, and so we've already started work on things for next season. New posts for the first field on the right, new nets ordered for the two fields on the right, more groundwork, improved and extended trade area, better parking facilities, new chronograph area and lots of little details that we can focus on the next few months that we simply didn't have time to do this year. To us, it's all about the small details and we endeavour to keep listening to our players and hopefully keep improving what you've all enjoyed so much this season. 

With this in mind, we have been working on something rather special this past few months that will see something that the UK has never been a part of before, a true structure in the UK with one common goal to promote and improve sup'air within the UK.

For 2014, we are creating a new umbrella for the above entitled UK Paintball League. The CPPS will remain as it is, however 4 satellite leagues have also been created which will be under our new banner and work around our events. 

Scottish paintball league will be hosted by Battlegrounds Paintball Aberdeen, Northern Paintball League will be hosted by Wendy of the UK Masters and the Southern Paintball League will be hosted by Bricket Wood training grounds. Our Saturday divisions will then become Midlands Paintball league. These satellite leagues will be in essence feeder leagues for the CPPS, and for teams who don't wish to travel to us the Midlands but getting a similar experience in terms of customer service. We will be working closely with our new partners and are very excited about this new structure in the UK. 

These new satellite leagues will each run a variety of formats from 3man, Breakout, 5man and Race to 2, numbers permitting. This obviously all depends on take up for the divisions, but the idea is to focus these lower divisions as more of a regional type affair and make paintball more accessible to players and improve it's promotion. These teams will also receive EBPF ranking points. 

We will be releasing more info on this in the coming weeks before Christmas as we are still finalising the small print as we speak, so please await further info on this.

Back to the CPPS.........

Our dates have already been released and are as follows: 

Round 1: 22/23rd March
Round 2: 26/27th April
Round 3: 21/22nd June
Round 4: 2/3rd August
Round 5: 13/14th September 

The division structure will have a slight change from last season and will be as follows: 

Elite Division - Race to 4
Division 1 - Race to 4

These 2 divisions will become more of a Champions/Challengers group, with the bottom team in Elite getting demoted each event, and the top team in Division 1 being promoted. We have spoken to the captains at length about this idea and we feel it will keep things exciting at the top and at the bottom, as well as ensuring that Elite is truly "Elite" in 2014. 

Division 2- Race to 2
Division 3 - Race to 2
Division 4 - 5-man 

Only Elite to Division 4 will take place on the Sunday next season and all these divisions will be LOCKED. Priority will be given to the teams that have played this season and to confirm your entry for the 2014 season, we will be taking £100 deposits from each team, which will be held and then discounted from your final round this year in September. We will start taking deposits from 2nd December, and only when a deposit is received will your entry be confirmed for the season. If you pull out of an event after paying your deposit, you will loose your £100. 

Again, I will confirm that priority for divisions will be given to those teams that have played the CPPS this season. 

Division 5 (standard 5 man as per this season) will now move to Saturday, along with our Breakout division. The reason for this is that more teams are making the move to race to 2 next season from both D4 and D5, so we can move the race to 2 fields onto two separate fields and decrease their waiting times between games. 

Division 5 and breakout are not locked, but we ask people to inform us early of what division they are looking to play and to book in well in advance to avoid disappointment. 

Team numbers are obviously limited for all divisions and are as follows: 

CPPS (Sunday): 

Elite Division: 10 teams Locked
Division 1: 10 teams Locked
Division 2: 15 teams Locked
Division 3: 15 teams Locked 
Division 4: 16 teams Locked

MPL (Saturday): 

Division 5: 16 teams 
Breakout Division: 12 teams 

To confirm your entry and receive deposit details for the Sunday leagues, please email us: 

Prices for next season see a slight increase. We want to keep investing and pushing the boundaries and we have some additional costs that we need to cover also. Prices will be as follows:

Elite/D1: £275
D2/3: £250 
D4/5: £225 
Breakout division: £200 

We will be taking a limited number of prepayments for the entire season and this number will be capped at 10 teams. The FIRST five teams to take up this offer will each receive 5 player cards for the Millennium series valued at £40 per card as well as a small season discount, equating to a potential saving of up to £300. 

This is the perfect offer for teams looking to play a Millennium leg(s) which we are personally funding and will support them in their journey. N.B. Teams that took the prepayment offer this season will have first refusal on these spots for 2014.

Elite/D1: £1275 (saving of £100)
D2/3: £1175 (saving of £75)
D4/5: £1075 (saving of £50) 
Breakout Division: £950 (saving of £50)

N.B. Payments must be received by 1st February 2014 


For 2014 we are moving to STRICTLY vendor only paint. Next season we will be having Lips, Just, BZ, Celtic and Bluewater selling paint at our events so everyone's needs will be covered in terms of paint and their sponsors. There will also be other traders selling an array of paintball related supplies and equipment. Quite simply, we want to support the UK's vendors so please contact these companies ASAP to source your paint deals for 2014. If you have any queries in relation to this, please email us for further info. 


We want to encourage teams to train next season and so are offering membership packages for individuals and teams alike. Players who join will be given discounted training fees at £12.50 per head (rather than £15). 

Individual membership: £20 per year, payable by March 1st 2014.

Small team membership: £100 per year - allowing up to 8 players to register for discount, payable by 1st March 2014

*Students will be able to train at £12.50 per head on presentation of a current and valid student card. 

*Members of the armed forces will also be able to train at £12.50 per head on presentation of a current and valid Military ID. 

Training prior to our main events on the Saturday will remain at £10 per head from 11- 4pm. 


In summary, if you want to sign up for the Sunday locked divisions, please contact us at to register and we will provide you with details on how to pay your deposit by bank transfer. If you're looking to enter our Saturday divisions, Breakout or Division 5, then please email us and we will add you to the team list. 

We will be releasing more info over the coming months about the development of UKPL and updating our website accordingly. 



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